All about Margot

Hey friends! I got a little crazy impulsive on Thursday and saw a very sad looking dachshund on a local animal shelter’s facebook page. Even sadder was the little dog was in urgent danger due to her being “nippy”, therefore they had her “for rescue only.” I really did not even think and said “If she needs a foster to get her out of the shelter please let me know.” Things moved CRAZY quick and then next thing I knew I was driving Friday evening after work to Decatur to pick up a dog I had never met, and that this dog was coming home with me. I know this sounds insane and I prayed and prayed that this would go well, and this dog would be nice and would get along well with my cats. This might sound silly but I felt a sense of peace and I knew this was going to be ok. I am so blessed the shelter contacted DREAM Dachshund rescue who accepted Margot into their program. IMG_4365
My heart melted and I knew I had done the right thing when I saw this little face at the Vet.
IMG_4367Margot was really sick after receiving her shots at the vet but she seems to be settling in.

IMG_4370Fortunately, Margot is starting to get her spunk back. Poor baby was abandoned at an apartment when her family moved away and left her! Who could possibly do that to this sweet face?! Also, she is the SWEETEST dog! I will be sure to keep everyone posted from “Gracie Beth’s home for wayward pets” haha.




  1. Donna says:

    She is an absolute doll!! I am coming your way. I am packing up everything here in Houston and we are moving back to Georgia. We are still househunting. We are probably going to be in the Gainesville-Cornelia area. my husband is based out of Oakwoodi will be coming up from Charleston on the weekends to look at houses. I cannot wait to get this done!!

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