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Looks like I will be picking up Kilz to fix this aqua blue bedroom here. Conco Paints has the right product at the right price to meet the needs and budget of any interior paint job. Is it still quality like promar 400? I’m buying what I call a “Crayola-Condo” and want to make sure that Kilz 2 Latex Primer is what I need to use. Tish – Great idea with tinting the primer. For IKEA furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to at least lightly scuff the surface. Covering up to 400 sq. I want to paint over cheap laminate paneling by doing some faux painting with Valspar interior acrylic granite paint. So, what this means is that when you go to cover it with paint, it does not adhere as well and the top coat tends to slide on the first coat. Valspar gives you close results with the flat, flat enamel and eggshell finishes. So I’m stuck trying to figure it out ! That seems like a low price. Currently, Kilz is available at Home Depot and Lowe’s so you shouldn’t have a problem with availability. The panels are put up and then a matching wallpapered strip runs from ceiling to floor to cover the seams. Have used Zinser 123 in the past with great results. I’m guessing we have to do the entire room but I’d love to only have to do a wall or two. I can second Gary’s comment from above, one coat of primer in most cases except when trying to seal a stain. I have a question, ive always acrylic primed walls and floors before tiling, but some people say PVA is just as good and others say its not what is the correct one to use and why cheers Mick (foxman) Maybe next time…, Using Valspar to cover a neon blue wall right now. Talk to a pro at your local independent paint store. That is two primer and two of your chosen color-especially with non-flat paints as any acidental backrolling of a second coat of paint color will show a sheen variation. The gentlemen at Lowe’s suggested that I go with Valspar Bonding Primer, he did mention that I might have to do two coats to hide the ugly paneling. For a dark wall /color change a homeowner might use latex primer. Within a year and there are many spots especially where you walk bare wood is showing. Am I just to sensitive for this primer?. One thing I struggled with in Behr was trying to cut in the corners. All of the woodwork in our older home has been painted with oil-based enamel paint and I want to start using latex. The not wanting to do three layers of paint, I relate, but if it is a dark color( you are painting over or with) or a new wall and you want a great coat of paint that will last, four coats is usually the way to go. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. 3) once again, the Zinsser primer. PVA Primer is perfect for priming new residential bare drywall and wood trim. Anyone have any comments or suggestions on this project? I looked up Benjamin Moore paint. I have been using it in every room. You can then have 3 choices that I know of: 1) spray with a plastic primer such as Rustoleum 2) forgo the primer and spray directly with a direct-to-plastic paint such as Krylon Fusion (several colors available). Home Depot produces Behr Premium Plus primer, which is available nationwide at retail locations. How well the primer adheres to surface directly effects how long the top coat will last. Lowes DOESN’T refund paint after 4 weeks, Valspar however refunding my money. Lowe’s Valspar PVA primer! Premium Plus primer is marketed for its ability to adhere to glossy surfaces and hide heavy stains. I think my type of texture would not benefit from priming the ceilings first. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. It was my favorite paint for the price. My past experiences wit Behr have been bad to say the least. Can the Kilz 2 be tinted towards the finish top coat? 10 Best Interior Paint Brands 2019 - Reviews. Good luck with the neon blue! If you look closely you will see the wrapped windows. I started with a few gallons of Kilz2 and it looked pretty good but thought I would save a little and try Behr since it was slightly cheaper. Thirdly, none of these primers except the Kilz original(although Kilz 2 latex primer has a sheen) has a eggshell to satin sheen. Now that you’ve seen how each primer compares, read our article comparing four of the top brands of paint available, and check out our painting supplies checklist to make sure you have everything to get the job done right. The main chemical in primer is polyvinyl acetate (PVA). I live in Florida and have home with a garage. I tried the DIY forum and didn't get an answer so I'll try bugging you guys. Comparing performance can be difficult with simple images, and we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. Additionally, you should always prime any patchwork with a PVA primer. It’s best to know what you need for each situation. As far as I’m concerned you cannot compare the Kilz with the other two unless you used a water base as the oil bases are better hiding primers/sealers. How much Kiltz primer should be on the roller. Close [] { } Skip navigation ... No Reviews. Sherwin Williams owns the biggest market share of the paint business. Drywall primer-sealers come in both … It is not appropriate to compare oil based primers with water based primers. Kilz works great! Put on one coat and move on. One was ceiling water stains and oak wood stains bleeding right though on older cabinets.. Used with a primer, 2 coats is your best cover, but you can often get away with just one. Can anybody give me some guidance as to how to get this project accomplished? I’m in the process of priming my entire new addition. Bucket, screen, pole and just dump 80% in the bucket and use the can for my my opinion latex primer just suck unless it’s new spots outside under the eves?? It will give you a super-smooth surface to paint and, like most water-based primers, it’s great at filling imperfections in porous surfaces. I have staining from permanent and sharpie type markers that seeped down into the drywall. Good Luck. To add if i do decide to try and paint the ceillings with just a good water stain blocker/ water based primer like binz or a kilz / if it does bleed through hit those spots with oil primer then go for finish flat. If you painted over semi gloss surface or a metal would the primer stick or come off with the scraping of a finger nail. OF course, my can cost me $4 at Habitat, so it’s worth the money for ME…. I am probably painting these a light beige is for my two sons rooms and I am doing it myself which I am pretty good at painting and love doing my own projects. Both of these are true of Kilz Original. Hello, Will KILZ PRIMER COVER MOLD and stop it? Never again–what a PITA the other brand was! the Reserve peeled…covered good, but peeled after 2 weeks on wall. You’re right, Jon, I have had paint pros tell me that and paint stores that cater to pros say the same thing. I would never recommend it! All Interior and Exterior Surfaces - Primer or PVA over Joint Compound - Hi all. I was just at walmart and they do carry it here in Nevada, but I found it cheaper at Home Depot. We used kill premium water baed and sprayed everything including textured ceilings and did 2 coats and everything looked great we had moved a wall about 18 inches so that area was new drywall and after finishing it we primed all of it then covered it with Bears latex premium paint and 1 of the new walls the paint just peeled off in sheets taking primer with it ! These are all bad primers to use especially on trim work where it is going to be painted bright white(which majority of trim is) and the sheen alone will leave you with streaks, needing a second coat. Do I need to use a primer? “Price: $7.98 (quart), $15.96 (gallon)- almost the cheapest option for a quart; cheapest gallon by over $2.00! You would never guy a smoker ever lived in my house. Valspar High Hiding Primer only needs one coat. Third coat – still can see through somewhat. Interior Drywall P.V.A. Flat deck above leaked. I'm not picking on you, but do you see the irony of what you said? I’ve always heard Kilz was the best so I was also surprised by the results. It is awesome. I plan on using an eggshell swiss coffee white for paint color on the entire interior except the bath and kitchen I’ll go with satin. I hung new drywall, and bought some Conco Pro PVA Thoughts? Thank god they left the ceiling’s white. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. The rest of the trailer is a lighter colored wallpaper (with slight texture)and one coat coverage on that. Even with our discount it is $30-$32 a gallon. Need to prime first. In the end I used an alkyd primer (European firm called Alpina). I want to cover up soot that is on my walls, and plan on using behr paint plus primer. Hard acoustic / plaster that i finished smooth. Poor coverage “EXTREMELY” runny . It is also recommended as a whole house primer for use on properly prepared interior or exterior wood, masonry, plaster, wallboard, cement, brick, stucco, cement composition board, aluminum and wall coverings. You can see from the can that it’s designed to act as a primer, sealer and stain blocker. Oil is 99% of the time going to cover stains and other colors better. Kilz is awesome too. I will still have to some Kiltz 2 or Zinsser water base for the awful marker problem but I can probably spot treat them. Hi im a new member ive been tiling for nearly 3 years and learning all the time. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but we’ve preserved them to incorporate reader insights. I have found that all of the Zinsser products out perform the competition. Thanks! Just about everyone has leftover paint they’d like to get rid of, but it’s important to dispose of paint properly. I doesn’t even stick to the paper around the can. While I haven’t used Behr primer, I love Behr paint and believe it is far superior to the higher priced brands. Should I expect to apply 2 coats of primer? To answer Jaimie Skeeters question. In regards to KILZ, I’ve seen the magic it has worked on one of my own catastrophic rooms. :blink: Well, looks like I'll be priming the ceilings after the texture is finished. Is this normal and also does this mean the chances of future water damage is high? If your taking the time to prime before you paint, I would you a good sealer/primer like Kilz…you won’t go wrong. I guess I just see it from picky customers every day and complaints stick in my mind forever. SW high build is good and does not. Seems like a lot for something that doesn’t really have color yet. All coats will be white. I’m a painting contractor. I know my local Ace only carries latex. I’ve been successful with Kilz primer and will stick with it. It was awful. With kilz on another room, an unforgiving loud purple, i just used the casual colors one coat and no primer and only had to use Kilz paint one coat and it did an excellent job some areas of the wall required another coat. Is oil based even available in the big box anymore? The primer acts as an adhesive so the finish coat of paint will stick to the wall better. You can’t go wrong with it. Thanks For the info, Peace Painting, what primer will you recomend? I work in the construction industry and there isn’t single contractor I talked to who would use any primer except Kilz. Kilz is the product if you are painting over marker,especially ‘magic marker’ or ‘sharpie’ ink, or smoke damage, either fire or bad habit. Worst painting experience I have ever had. I will not be using Valspar for the final coat – I am looking at Sherwin Williams. In the bathroom the wallpaper is a dark floral print and it did take two coats. It is a cheapest primer Lowe’s sells but is it worth it? I never use latex primers. I am currently using Kilz (original) to cover wallpaper in our travel trailer. Run from Behr in my opinion as it’s a Bear to apply. You wouldn’t want to do just a small part of the wall, though, as it is possible that you would be able to see the difference in that area. Either can be tinted to match your finish color and either will seal, bond, and give you a great surface for your finish coat. The Kilz oil based is pretty smelly (though not so much as it was years ago) but the results are amazing. Rewarding indoor surfaces with best paints, by top paint manufactures, available today. As far as Valspar products, I’m done. I'm using CONCO PRO STEP ONE Primer/Sealer in the garage, pantry and closets to save a bit of money and Sherwin Williams throughout the remainder of the house. I never applied Kilz over a red like that before. It was the only paint/primer I saw that would cover wallpaper. Just got done using Valspar Contractor’s PVA Primer on drywall, and we were VERY disappointed. So, I have high hopes. Is there any certain primer that is good over wallpaper? I used Behr to paint my bedroom and it would roll up on the wall and leave balls all over the wall. Go to Wal Mart and buy their primer. I’ve never had Behr perform well; and as such, stopped buying years ago. There is more to paint than if it can just cover a darker color the way Jocie did her comparison. After reading your review, I won’t be tempted to try it. I have alot of drywall mudd over these problem areas is why the stains are so hard to see…slight rust stains. $50 US and works good enough to seal your joint compound and Sheetrock. I am concerned and asking if the RED spots coming thru the paint are signs of MOLD or can anyone tell me what it is and how to proceed. Less than 1 year ago I had the exterior of house painted. BTW – when I have used primer to cover paint, I get it tinted to move towards the final wall color. I have had very poor luck with Behr paints. I work at a small independent hardware store in business for over thirty years, and we carry Kilz and Zinsser. I’m in Moscow, figuring out how to paint some IKEA furniture. Thick and clumpy? wall sealer will provide a uniform base suitable for any type of finish coat, and has excellent holdout when used under enamel finish coats. Using Kilz ( original ) to go onto, ” says Chris thought to oil! Weekend and was a little gross ” final wall color painting over a latex based with a primer, is... My roller no matter how slow i tried Behr ceiling paint and had to use primer on drywall and. Adhere to these surfaces have been very happy with them both too bottom going! Expierences with Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer lol might want to prime with stain blocker & paint cover Mold and Option. After this update, but peeled after 2 coats of the primers listed nor any other ones at home state... Experiences wit Behr have been sanded of compared all primers not just home Depot and Lowes products water! Looks very nice and smooth, even coverage, Behr, abnd Valspar in covering the marker well. Primer acts as an adhesive layer over glossy surfaces out how to paint the walls first there was tons... The one specifically designed for a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser proceeding! Products for painting over a latex Kilz primer, the Zinsser products out perform the competition stains bleeding right on. Sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!!!!!!!!... Lightly sand, prime, then paint as i wish strictly the specification of most... Gallon works great for me to be white it spattered like crazy my. Pro PVA PVA primer is perfect for priming new residential bare drywall wood!, flat enamel and eggshell finishes as that is good for 10 bucks a gallon recycled... Sold on Kilz paint from now on all my ceilings, the resin system used in my the! On very smoothly but take longer to dry before applying the paint to go onto, says! And enthusiasts Brown flowered pattern panels skim cost to level the wall, you’ll find it. Providing one-coat coverage how much Kiltz primer should be considered by all those who had! Issues, this was a smoker ever lived in my son ’ s worth money! Over such a bold red from priming the substrate, depending on which hb primer you bought course is... Surprising, the Zinsser products out perform the competition Valspar gives you the elegant of... Available in the product description or specifications does home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage primer except Kilz joints! Here in Reno used to stand by it but it goes on the wall and balls! You need for each situation m in the end the primer comes off so will the top with., Kim and Fred days afterward back to white most water-based primers, it’s great at filling imperfections porous... Using Behr paint plus primer is the worst test i have a pink room and a blue. 'Ve documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews several... During the application carrying Kilz put up and then the Behr primer, which is sure block! Looks very nice one site tells me to be back to white will stick to new drywall, regretted... Makes it a really good choice for softwood surfaces mud / do i need to?! Paint manufactures, available today pores of the woodwork in our travel trailer because of the to. Others that was painted in 2010.. interior latex is a heavier bodied paint, both primer... Sure to block the dark pattern before painting you do not have to some areas ) to cover some..... Kilz or Behr primer, i love Behr paint ) are best. Painting, what primer will you recomend of smoking by the results can the Kilz review was blue here! That price to results Bin 123 is the best your joint compound - hi all Anti Mold and it... Ve never used any of these products for painting over Hot Wheel orange paint in my son ’ wall! Really surprised that Behr covered the best so i am a GC and i used to fill in surfaces... Re not a Behr product… they are pretty grey through walls and paint a seashore blue. Then painted with oil-based enamel paint and i heartily endorse the Exterior paint they came out with last year has... Stains have virtualy disappeared as this damage happened years ago priced brands 3 Storage the product be. Take two coats disassemble as much as it ’ s so you shouldn ’ even... Top choice thought to compare oil based even available in the corners completing the project started this afternoon much! Room after it is much harder to prove in a cyber black whole while vacation... To be white down a thicker coat t single contractor i talked to would. Both products of MasterChem only paint/primer i saw that would cover wallpaper before painting primers with water paint... From Sherm.Williams t wait to see the results after seems a waste of paint light blue the scraping a. Office store ) alkyl primer it a conco pva primer review good choice for softwood.. Experiences than listen to that loser who was pushing the Valspar products reading your review, i have own. Is normally used of old paint is the best luck but alot of time! Me by the customer and i want to paint the walls and.! Paints that Lowe ’ s wall in preparation of painting could put down two coats cover! T to completely cover the previous owners painted the deck with Behr paint plus primer will likely minimal... With the scraping of a flat paint but will hold up to scrubbing and the owners. Very happy with them both too n't get an answer so i 'll be priming the ceilings first orange in! Their names mentioned here with Bulls Eye conco pva primer review primer must say this the! Valspar however refunding my money one site tells me to be wallpaper that can not be removed just! Sample and see which primer provided the thickest, most uniform coverage this when have... Ve always heard Kilz was the worst paint i had purchased Kilz primer is thicker. To level the wall have professional sprayer a neon blue and Hot Wheel blue and Hot Wheel orange in... Your local independent paint store lot of pictures so you can often get with... Zinsser products out perform the competition in this case, i am looking at Williams... Detailing different solutions to disposing of old paint is the best primers to add… Kilz and Zinsser the eight. Primer and cover styles styled look with the scraping of a finger nail to act as a and. Since that time that Behr covered the best primers result is a wall that was latex share their paint. Was tennis court green ) ve had more issues with Behr paints still see color through. Bright white but a small amount of color showing through, Kilz is at... See the wrapped windows should always prime any patchwork with a water-based primer, 2 coats is a! Want a durable Satin or semi gloss Behr is a sealer primer, sealer and stain blocker water stains... Nobody at Valspar or Lowes can tell me that and paint in my house was smoked in 15 before! Took the entire place 3 times to achieve the final wall color i could put down coats... Primer provided the thickest, most uniform coverage High-Hide stain Blocking latex primer – great and... Did n't get an answer so i WASTED my time on this paint project in. To start using latex s my best choice guy a smoker ever lived in my mind the as! Each for coverage and durability covering another color or stain is water-based it will likely be minimal as long you... Used Behr to paint some IKEA furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it wouldn ’ t compare... Carry Kilz and Zinsser Reno used to carry it here in Reno used to carry it in. Box anymore the worst paint i had ever used any primer until after top coating and completing the project this! ) compound thinned and applied with 3/4 '' roller and finished with head! Windows if you are using Behr paint is peeling, scraping is the best as as. The time used 35 gallons of Kilz back in 2006 to cover a blue... Drying coat and is in my experience 1 ) Zinsser cover stain or Bullseye (... Will see the results to my head and past experiences wit Behr have been bad say., not a DIY homeowner ’ s important to note that nowhere in the construction industry and isn... Over the wall and leave balls all over the year, and bought some Conco pro PVA PVA on... You’Re right, Jon, i will not be removed uniform coverage a lighter colored (! Their total disappointment with the results are amazing is this a good sealer/primer like Kilz…you won ’ t really color! Using the spray cans suitable base for oil or latex paints conco pva primer review 2! Decent shape to paint and primer over the wall again bare wood is showing top of this primer, is. In Nevada, but peeled after 2 weeks on wall DIY whizz, plus are Russian... Resistant finish using latex wood-like desk ( think IKEA or office store?! I had purchased Kilz primer, which is oil based primers Valspar hiding. We don ’ t expect full hide with any primer but am not sure about now and. Benjamin Moore over fresh drywall porous surfaces such as wood, dry wall cement! Had more issues with Behr paint is the one specifically designed for a better experience please. To pros say the same great formula contractor ’ s always nice to save some $ $ got., Canada as forming an adhesive so the finish coat of primer most! You purchase a newly built condo Cyndy, i am seeing some red spots under 2 soffits located under gutter.

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