Happy (belated Thanksgiving)

Anyone who has seen Publix’s Thanksgiving themed commercial will probably recognize these salt and pepper shakers. It sounds really silly but I was actually a little sad I hadn’t been able to find myself a set now that I have my own home. I walked into Publix after running about 50 other errands on Wednesday and BOOM there were my pilgrims! It was fate hah!
I wanted to contribute to Thanksgiving since I didn’t host so I brought the pies. I made my great-grandmother’s pumpkin pie as well as a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. My phone kept trying to change that to ORGAN pie when I texted people. ACK! Anyways, I couldn’t figure out how to transport them until I remembered I have these adorable Lilly Pulitzer bins. They are so PERFECT for transporting pies!
I call my parent’s dogs my “puppy siblings” and I was really excited to spend the day with my littlest puppy sibling, izzy. She was pretty excited to wear the new polka dot fleece vest I bought her!
Lastly, here is my full Thanksgiving outfit. The vest and shirt are no longer available, but they are both J Crew. My shoes are Tory Burch Revas, and my jeans are my new favorites and are from target!

I hope everyone is currently surviving Black Friday! I have heard it has even crept across the pond to Britain!


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  1. Emily says:

    Love that shirt & the puppy! Very cute

    Yes, ‘black Friday’ has hopped across the pond, it was here on a very small scale last year and nobody took much notice, but this year has been crazy as a lot of the large supermarkets have American counterparts so went all out this year! On the news this evening they said that the police had to close some shops up in the North of England and in London at about 2am as people were too rowdy in the shops & fighting over televisions! Insanity!

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