Nooga Strong 

Chattanooga, Tennessee has never technically been my home. However, it has always felt like home to me. Both of my parents grew up in Chattanooga, it is home to my grandparents, 2 aunts, and an uncle. Some of my fondest memories are of being with my family in Chattanooga. It has taken me a few days to even contemplate writing this post because I am so heartbroken by the events that occurred on Thursday. My heart breaks for the families who lost their sons, brother, husbands, and fathers. My mind cannot contemplate the hate that would lead someone to commit such a despicable act. I am saddened that a smaller town that exemplifies southern values, and hospitality had had its innocence shattered. And I am disturbed this is hitting so close to home. The shooter, was my aunt’s neighbor. I mean how sad is it that we can no longer trust our own neighbors?! Please join me in praying for the friends and families of those brave men who lost their lives, please pray the wounded Chattanooga police officer makes a full recovery, and please join me in praying for the people of Chattanooga. 

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