Skincare products I am digging these days

The first product I was sent for free to review, it is actually very different than anything I have tried. It is called Phyto-C Icy Blue Mist, and it is meant to be used after working out to rehydrate your skin. I am a SWEAT MONSTER after pure barre classes so this was intriguing to me. I definitely think it is refreshing, BUT it has menthol in it so it stings my eyes when I spray it on my face. I prefer to spray it on a cotton ball and then apply it to my face.

Another product I was sent to review is also by Phyto-C and it is called Velvet Gel. I like this serum. It is good for my mid-20s skin because it contains some retinol as well as moisturizers and other ingredients for cellular renewal. However, I can only use this at night because I have always been blessed with rosy skin, and in addition to the pink color it also has vasodilators so it makes my skin too red for daytime wear.

My favorite everyday winter moisturizer is HANDS DOWN embryolisse. I don’t know what is in this magical potion, and I am not even sure I want to know. All I know is that I AM HOOKED. I use my real techniques stippling brush to apply this when my skin feels parched, and my makeup glides on over it like a dream. It also doesn’t irritate my skin. I cannot recommend this miracle potion enough!

When my skin is extra dry/irritated from retin-a or other prescription acne treatments I somehow have to use I turn to La Roche-Posay Cicaplast. This is a dermal recovery accelerator and really helps your skin heal from harsh treatments it also provides a wonderful barrier between you and the cold. It is full of zinc which is supposedly what makes it so magical.

Last, but not least I wanted to share the readily available drugstore cleanser I have been using lately. I purchased Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Cleanser when I was trying to find something that would clean my face without causing other problems. I really love how clean this cleanser leaves my face without causing excessive dryness. It also is wonderful for removing makeup, I even use it to take my eye makeup off. If you aren’t used to high glycerine cleansers it might take a little getting used to but apparently glycerine gives me happy skin.


*I was send both phyto-c products for free for review, I received no other compensation.



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