Thrifted Treasures

I thought I would share some of my “thrifted” home decor. Since I am just starting out I thought I would share some of the furnishings I have purchased for my home on a super limited budget. I am slowly but surely making my house into a home. Obviously I had to live in a house that had very little furniture for a while but I am really happy that I am able to piece everything together without breaking the bank. I also love that the majority of my items have some “history.”

I have wanted a bench for my foyer since I moved in but I haven’t been able to find a piece I liked that was affordable. We have a local chain of antique malls here in the Northeast ATL suburbs called “The Green Bean Exchange” and I stumbled upon this green bench and fell in love. It was super affordable and I love the rustic vibe!

IMG_3879You might recognize my bed from Ikea, however I actually scored this off of Craigslist! My mom was a tropper and went and picked it up for me because her car is larger than mine. I Love how it looks older than it is. You can’t really buy antique queen sized beds so I love the old look with the modern convenience of the queen size. My bedside table to the left of the bed was a score from the Green Bean Exchange. I really love the blue/grey color.


Living in Forsyth, County GA I was very blessed that we have such an amazing Humane society that the community supports. One of the great things about the humane society is their thrift store! I bought my sofa there and love the broken in leather look. It was a STEAL and they even delivered it to me!

IMG_3789This photo is my kitchen table on display at the Queen of Hearts Antique Mall. This is another one of my favorite treasure troves here in ATL. The top of the table is absolutely gorgeous maple and it came with two lovely leaves. I make sure it is protected with tablecloths and I bought some mismatched windsor chairs at GOODWILL of all places. I have been having so much fun decorating. IMG_4006My coffee table and the two chairs pictured in this photo are also some of my finds. I bought the two chairs off of craigslist and I am obsessed with the fact that the slipcovers are removable and can be bleached. I bought this pottery barn coffee table off of a local garage sale page on facebook for 1/10th of the pottery barn price.

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